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Stoneleigh Park will be a showcase for the future of farming, both in Britain and around the world. It has the potential to become a crucially important science hub that sparks new thinking on the key areas of food, fuel, water and sustainability.

Stoneleigh Park is guided by the motto of the Royal Agricultural Society of England for over 150 years, “Science with Practice.”

The landlords are committed to upholding the Society’s charitable core purposes, which include:

The promotion and improvement of the science, technology, art and practice of agriculture, forestry, horticulture, kindred activities and husbandry of livestock (including horses) and land and the promotion of the application of improved methods and processes connected therewith by demonstration and other appropriate means; and the promotion of agricultural and environmental education, research and development and experimental work.

Over many years, Stoneleigh Park has nurtured new ideas and techniques for improving agricultural practice, including ground-breaking technology transfers. The pioneering work will continue as the park serves as a fresh breeding ground for progressive agri and bio-science thinking.


The team at Stoneleigh are committed to playing their part in building a socially responsible and sustainable future for agri- and bio-science and technology businesses. Sustainability and environmental principles are embedded throughout Stoneleigh’s business culture.